Gaming Gear Insurance by Baloise


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As the first Swiss insurance company, Baloise launches a service geared towards gamers and the eSports scene. This new policy will cover damage, theft and loss of gaming gear - perils gamers are all too familiar with.

Every gamer knows the horror: On the way to a LAN Party the PC falls to the floor, the laptop gets stolen in the train or the headset gets lost somewhere. The worst of it? The gear is not covered by the insurance and you have to bear the costs yourself. Until now…

With the Baloise insurance, for the first time, a Swiss insurance company offers a special gamers package. At least as remarkable as the product itself is the fact that yet another non- endemic brand discovered gaming and especially esports.

Carefree gaming – at home or on your travels

The Baloise constantly reviews new business areas in the digital transformation. The gaming scene is hereby markedly interesting.”, explains Marco Barone, product manager from Baloise. The newest activities of the company prove that this is more than just a lip service. They engage themselves in several startups and provide easy damage reports - completely without forms. With the new “Gaming Gear Insurance”, your gear is secured both at home and on your travels. The policy includes classic cases like “Energy-drink-spilling-over-the-keyboard” or “letting-the-monitor-fall-out-of-the-car”.

Baloise’s new gamer policy guarantees a quick and uncomplicated refund. is guaranteed. For gamers who travel a lot and want to stay calm in annoying situations the described travel luggage/rental car insurance is optimal. Even the deductible will be covered by the insurance in the case of damaged rental cars.