Swisscom Hero League Clash Royale S3 statement


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Lausanne-Sport Esports condemns the cheating that took place during season 3 of the Swisscom Hero League Clash Royale and respects the sanction that ESL Swiss imposed on the player in question.

However, we cannot accept the manner in which this case was handled and the consequences it has engendered.

ESL Swiss becomes aware of the potential cheating during the group phase. As they did not investigate the matter in time, they were not able to take the necessary steps at the right time, thus the organisation found itself in embarrassment when the cheating was made official after most of the competition had already been played.

ESL Swiss then unilaterally decided to cancel the matches which had already been played and to have the players play again part of the season's matches, all of this being done without the knowledge of the general public or participants not directly concerned, even though the final had already been played. This is of course not mentioned by the ESL Swiss Hero League Clash Royale Rulebook.

We deplore that this affair comes out only a week before the Grand Finale and its catastrophic management by ESL Swiss. The image of the Swisscom Hero League and ESL Swiss is once again tarnished after the case of the Hearthstone League.

Any worthy competitor knows what a final represents in the eyes of a passionate, competitive and upright player. We can only support Jesus who is illegitimately deprived of a final.

Lausanne-Sport Esports committee